I've started to compile a list of the video cutscenes along with their ID numbers as used by TapJoint. Feel free to upload pics/videos of the actual cutscenes. I left empty lines where there seems to be an illogical break in the video IDs (as if a video were missing).

101  - TapKit operator putting on headphones (shown only at beginning of game)

104  - Pomegranates 
105  - Bowl of soup 
106  - Daylight wooden card 
107  - Bloody knitting needles
108  - Brass Knuckles
109  - Dog Tag - Cleveland Carr
110  - Dog Tag - Garrison Butler 
111  - Dog Tag - Richard Jacobs
112  - Coins 
113  - Reel for Eva (recording) 
114  - Book
115  - Record
116  - Bag
117  - Regen Sentence Document
118  - Train Ticket 
119  - Wave Unit Blueprint
120  - Textile Guild Receipt

122  - AMP Patch

123A - AMP - Richard "Dick" Jacobs
123B - AMP - Garrison "Knobs" Butler 
123C - AMP - Councilman Orwell
123D - AMP - Walter La Fong
123E - AMP - Mrs. Emerson
123F - AMP - Commander Welles
123G - AMP - Eva Jacobs
123H - AMP - Roger Moore
123I - AMP - Ruth Orwell
123J - AMP - Dr. Loman
123K - AMP - Hope Chatsworth
123L - AMP - Cleveland Carr
123M - AMP - Frank Deetleman
124  - Letter to Cleveland Carr
125A - The City Map

126A - Clipping - "Local Cloth-Cutter, Dick Jacobs, Found Dead"
126B - Clipping - "The Dangers of Radio Waves"
126C - Clipping - "Illumination Night is Near"

129  - Sahs Menu
130  - Family Extension Permit

132  - envelope with 3 slides


210  - Thumbs-up (say 'thumbs')

216  - Rock-Paper-Scissors (say 'sham')
217  - Pound Fists (say ('pound')

219  - Shaka Hand Gesture (say ('shaka')

dummyVideo - Flashes ***SENDING MESSAGE*** for approximatly 20 seconds.
Sometimes forces you to refresh the page to continue, sometimes allows you to being typing again.

To look up video IDs:

When looking up keywords using the php script, (for example, check the word 'frank': it throws out something similar to the following:

<data key="0">
 <word id="1014" type="i">
  <what t="vid">123M</what>
  <where t="mess">i dont know</where>
  <where t="mess">im not sure</where>
  <showamp t="vid">123M</showamp>
  <dead t="mess">i dont know</dead>
  <dead t="mess">im not sure</dead>

So, if the input contains 'what' and 'frank' (or franks, deetleman, or deetlemans in place of frank) it will play video 123M. (Go ahead and try 'what is frank') Obviously, with people, you can use who in place of what.

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